SUMMER BLOWOUT SALE: Get select signature items at rock bottom prices! (Monthly specials suspended until further notice.)

Welcome to Featherlight Sweets Featherlight Sweets

We See You.

Featherlight Sweets is on a mission to bring you delicious, fresh-baked, carb-conscious treats that fit within your healthy lifestyle. Finding sweets that meet your standards can be tough. We’re up to the challenge. Whether you’re keto, paleo, vegan, or just looking to eat cleaner, we’re here to treat you.

You might never guess it, but all our goods are keto-friendly and made without gluten, grains, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy, or vegetable oil. Instead of wheat and sugar, most of our products are made from almond flour and are naturally sweetened with plant-based erythritol, allulose, monk fruit, or stevia.

Can’t do almonds? We’ve got an expanding line of treats made from coconut flour, just for you. Dairy-free? We see you, too; many of our goods can be made paleo or vegan without compromising taste or texture. For those goods that do contain animal products, we use organic dairy and pasture-raised eggs.

You don’t have to sacrifice your progress or your principles to indulge — filter our menu by lifestyle to browse mouthwatering treats that work for you!

Our Menu, Explained . . .

Our full menu is available year-round, but every month we also offer a rotating menu of specials! Here's how it works...

We have 2 major promotions around our monthly specials:

1. The Early-Bird -- During this week-long sale, get:

- Special variety packs
- The smallest order minimums
- The lowest prices

2. The Flock Around -- This replaces the Early-Bird and extends until the next month's specials are announced. During this sale, save on:

- Choose-Your-Own variety packs that include special cookies
- Larger orders

Join our mailing list and we'll let you know when the specials are rotating!

Pickup Locations Around Tampa Bay

Load your cart with treats, then choose a convenient pickup location at checkout!

You'll have the option to pick up from our St. Pete storefront, from a participating retailer, or at one of our events!